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It is true to say that WinRAR is a popular software. It is almost installed in every computer. In fact, WinRAR is a file and data compression software developed by Yevgeny Roshal. It is a commercial software. The first version of WinRAR was released in the fall of 1993 WinRAR. WinRAR is an application only for Windows. Its inventor has also released an Android application called "WinRAR for Android". 

Winrar and its features that you may not know yet

The fact os the matter is that WinRAR has many advantages such as compact size, fast processing speed, support for many utilities, running on many operating systems from Linux, Windows, Freebsd, Mac, providing many language packs including English, etc. Thus, WinRAR has beaten all other competitors to become the most popular decompression software

When the installation is complete, WinRAR will be integrated right-click menu so you can access the program quickly when working on the computer. The following is a detailed guide on how to use some of WinRAR's functions.

Compress files and split files

Ai the first, you right-click on the folder you want to collapse and select the "Add to archive ..." line. After that, a new interface will appear. It provides full options as follows

The name of the newly created compressed file will be in the "Archive name" box.

The “Archvie format " box will display the format of the compressed file. WinRAR supports creating compressed files in 2 formats including RAR and ZIP. The difference between these two formats is that the RAR file will have a longer compression time, but the quality will be better for ZIP files.

The "Compression method" box displays the compression method. You can choose the method depending on each compression speed like Fast, Fastest. You can also choose arbitrary quality: Good, Best. However, you should choose Normal to match the speed and quality of the compressed file.

"Split to volumes, bytes" box: you only use this box when you want to determine the size of the compressed file.

On the other hand, please enter the parameters in the "Split to volumes" box so that WinRAR splits the file into several compressed files, assuming that file 1 is 3 Gb and file 2 is 2 Gb. So things will be easier, right?

Set password to protect compressed file

In case you want to set a password to prevent anyone from opening your compressed file, please select Advanced / Set Passwords. 

Winrar và những tính năng có thể bạn chưa biết

Type the first password in the Enter Password box. Re-type the password a second time in the Reenter password box for verification. You select the Show password box in case you want the password not to be hidden.

You select the "Encrypt file names" box to secure the name of the compressed file. Thus, when someone accesses the compressed file without knowing the password, the name of the file will not appear. Therefore, they cannot see that you are hiding something under that password layer.

Although it only accounts for more than 1 Mb of hard drive, WinRAR's password encryption is extremely high. According to the test, with software designed to break WinRAR passwords, a password of 3-5 characters can be detected within 10 hours. For complex passwords including uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and some special characters, this time can be up to several decades. Therefore, you can be assured of the security and safety of WinRAR password.

Data recovery

Another very valuable function of WinRAR is the feature to completely recover data when the file is corrupted.

Winrar và những tính năng có thể bạn chưa biết

This is a function that many people appreciate because it is really useful in case you download many GB of data to your computer. There are many reasons such as the error of the compression process, error loading process, etc that you cannot use those files anymore. With a WinRAR's feature called Recovery Record, that fear was completely eliminated.

To use Recovery Record, at the first interface appears at the "Add to archive" step mentioned above, you click on the Put Recovery Record and then on the “Advanced” tab, enter the number 5 into the “Recovery record” box. In fact, the higher the number, the greater the recovery rate of the file, but the size of the compressed file will increase proportionately. According to different sources, 5 is the most appropriate number for this function.

Extract ISO file

In addition, a very interesting function of WinRAR that many people ignore is the  "read and extract ISO files" function. If you often play games and regularly download ISO files online, this will be a gadget that you can't ignore. Instead of having to search and install software to run virtual drives like Ultra ISO, Alcohol, etc with WinRAR, everything seems much easier.

WinRAR can extract most ISO files. You just need to right-click on the ISO file and select Open with WinRAR and select the decompression location to start the process. After you finish, you know what the next thing is to do, right?

Create Self-Extracting File (.EXE)

This is how many people use it to be able to extract data files without using the decompression tool. At the file compression interface, click on the Create SFX archive option, immediately your compressed file will change, your compressed file instead of the .rar format will become .exe format.

All in all, WinRAR is a very useful software. Besides the utilities mentioned in the article, WinRAR still has many potential features waiting for you to discover.


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