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  • Open desired links in iTunes easily with just 1 click


1. Install and open.

– After installing the extension. Click the extension icon  128

2. Requirements:

– For this extension to work on your computer, you need to first download and install the root client below:

NativeApp for Win:

Download For Win

NativeApp for Mac:

Download For Mac

NativeApp for Linux:

Download For Linux

After downloading, extract and install


1 1



Right-click and install with Run as administrator

2 1

Right-click on the web page containing the audio file

3 1

select Open in iTunes and download the file to your computer

4 1Then your downloaded file will automatically open in Itunes


About iTunes:

As a high-end music streaming service, Apple iTunes for PC really conquers users thanks to the quality of music and the special discounted price. Apple features always have high level of completeness. Apple iTunes for Pc was launched a long time ago and always makes users feel satisfied. Apple iTunes for PC is truly one of the great creations. If you want to know how great Apple iTunes for PC is, let us learn more in the article below!

What is Apple iTunes on a PC?

iTunes is a free software from Apple. It plays an intermediary role in connecting iPhone to computer and helps users manage data more easily on their iOS devices. Not only that, iTunes is a tool that Apple created. So that users can use to relax and entertain.


iTunes for PC is an extremely important tool that Apple integrates into each iOS device

In iTunes you can use audio or image. Itunes has everything you need to entertain wherever you want.

With iTunes, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Sort and play your music/videos
  • Play or download unlimitedly some songs with Apple Music. You only need to register and pay once. The price of Apple Itunes for Pc is a quite reasonable.
  • Find free music, movies, TV shows, audio books, podcasts. In addition, you can search and download a lot of other content in the iTunes Store.
  • Set up your iPhone, iPad or iPod and add music, videos, and other content to it.


The interface of the iTunes has two frames. The library will located on the left, which contains all your digital media. On the right, in the larger content area, you can see the options that interest you, for example, “Library Access”, or “For You”, “Browse new music and videos on iTunes” or “Visit the iTunes Store” to Download music, movies, TV shows, audio books… The device button is also integrated into the interface of Itunes. It indicates that an iPhone, iPad or iPod was connected to your PC.

The features of Apple iTunes for PC

iTunes has a lot of great functions that you probably don’t know yet. In particular, the following outstanding features will surely make you surprised about what Apple has done for users.

The features of Apple iTunes for PC:

  • Data synchronization of iPhone, iPad, iPod to PC. In addition, iTunes will also be the place to restore data for iPhone when any incident occurs.
  • Store and manage audio, video and photo files of your phone.


  • Connect to the iTunes Store and download or buy freely music, videos or TV shows and services that Apple provides.
  • Itunes is used to support and update iOS for iPhone or Restore iPhone.

What’s in Apple Itunes for PC?

In iTunes, there are 2 main parts. It is the itunes store and itunes player. It is:

– The iTunes Store: The iTunes Store is an online store that helps users get some apps and movies, TV shows, games or books easily.

– iTunes Player is a tool that users can use to manage utilities related to listening to music or watching videos.


These two features of Apple iTunes for PC are tied together and support each other during operation. It can be seen that the value of Apple iTunes for PC is these two features. However, to use the iTunes Store smoothly, you need to know how to install and the conditions to be able to install iTunes for PC. If you haven’t already, check out our guide below.

How to use the iTunes Store?

In order to use iTunes Store, you must have an Apple ID. Apple ID is an account that gives users access to Apple’s vast resources.

After creating an Apple ID account, you can use iTunes. You can purchases and pay by the same way that you usually perform on the App Store. After signing up for an Apple ID account, you can perform the Apple iTunes for PC installation by the 2 steps below:


– Step 1: Download the latest iTunes at https://www.apple.com/itunes/ with one click.

– Step2: Open the file you have just downloaded and then proceed with the installation as usual.

After installation, you can add the icon link on the desktop and use iTunes as the default application to open your phone’s files. In addition, to automatically update iTunes and other applications developed by Apple and installed on your computer, you can access the settings on iTunes to customize.

During using process, you should select the language of your country and edit the iTunes application folder.

To start using iTunes, just open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. Then, if you want to connect between computers and phones, click “Trust” on the phone.

The requirements when installing iTunes are made by Apple for the PC

Not only can iOS computers be able to use iTunes, but Windows computers can also use iTunes. Almost computers running iOS 8.4 and above can use iTunes.


However, Apple is quite strict on computers running on Windows operating systems. Only computers running Windows operating systems that meet the following conditions will be able to install iTunes. You can refer to these conditions below.

To install and use Apple iTunes:

– Computer must run intel or ADM CPU with processor supporting SSE2.

– Computer must have at least 512 MB RAM.

– Computers must have directX 9.0.

– The computer must have a 16 bit sound card.

– Computer must be running windows 7 or higher.

– The computer’s disk must be at least 400 MB free.

Apple iTunes for Pc is one of the extremely great tools. Whether you use an iOS or Windows computer, Apple iTunes is compatible with your device. Right now, let us download and use this tool


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