In recent years, tiktok is the keyword that appears a lot in the Google search toolbar. This Chinese music video platform has attracted millions of users from all over the world. So what is tiktok? How to use tiktok? Today we will share this useful knowledge with you!

What is Tik tok?

Tik tok is also known as Douyin, which means short video. This is China’s music and social video platform launched in 2016. In 2018, there were 45.8 million downloads worldwide and Tiktok is considered the most downloaded app in the world at that time.

Tik Tok is known as one of apps that have the fastest growing in the world. To be able to immerse yourself in the Tik Tok community you need an new account. This account is often closely related to your phone number. Because information on Tik Tok account will be verified by phone message. After confirming via text, you can use your Tiktok account immediately.


It is undeniable that this tik tok application is extremely attractive to users, especially young users from developing countries around the world. In particular, this short video platform is widely used in Asia. It has developed and become the most influential application in the world, especially in the community which have many music lovers worldwide.

The tik tok application allows users to view music videos, record short clips, edit them, and add special effects to their clips. Thanks to the popularity of the tik tok app, many famous music trends in the world were born. Countless songs and artists have suddenly become famous thanks to the influence of this application. To know how Tiktok has affected to users, let’s join us to learn about the advantages of Tiktok user attraction below!


The advantages of Tiktok application

Tik tok became the most downloaded application, surpassing Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. So why did tik tok become so attractive to users in the world?

Create videos more simply

The tik tok app provides a great set of tools. You can create a complete video by cutting and adjust videos. You can even use it as a video to represent any phone call. If you have a good idea, you can definitely create 15-second music clips. You do not know it yet, but maybe your videos will be trending in the world at that time.

This kit of tools includes an extensive music library with various image filters. This platform allows users to hold the button in their phone to create videos. You can record a clip while you can answer a call. You can completely create your own music clips in just a few simple steps.


Tiktok – The place to discover unique trends in the world

The clips in tik tok quickly became the trend by creative, impressive, and catchy music. The application creates a series of amazing topics to guide users to follow. This trends had a wide influence on young people around the world and recently appeared such as Count on me, Ducks turned into swans, modern dances… all of them are derived from this application. Not only is the place to discover unique trends in the world, but Tik tok is also a place where a lot of people can sell and trade.

Tik Tok – New business center

This application allows users to attach product links to videos. This helps users seamlessly switch from content to ecommerce. This is indeed a very bold idea. This idea has made Tiktok more diverse and attractive.


Beautiful interface, durable operation over time

Tiktok is designed with a fairly simple interface, saves words and takes advantage of familiar icons to guide the user. The first interface you see when opening Tik tok has only 2-3 signs. In particular, the colors in Tik Tok are also very limited. As a result, we love this app more because of its minimalism and functionality. These are features that very few applications on the market today can do.

The ability to recognize faces is very special

There is one thing that we are sure that you do not know. That is the face recognition capability of this application. Face recognition of this application is better than other applications. Therefore, you can freely express different emotions on your face from cute, sad, happy to hate, lovely… by the way you love. With just a small application, you accidentally turn your phone into a miniature Studio and you can unleash your creativity. It’s great if you can become a real expert thanks to this application.


How to download and install Tik tok?

Tiktok is an application dedicated to the phone. To download and install this application, you only need to visit AppStore for iOS phones and access CH Play for Android phones. You only need to search with keywords “Tik tok” or 抖 音, Douyin to download this application now. You will need 2-3 minutes to download this application. Then, launch the application and use immediately.

Currently, Tiktok does not create any barrier for users who want to use Tiktok. So, no matter who you are, whether you’re male or female, which phone you use, you can still use Tik tok as usual.

However, if your phone is very old, has outdated operating system, you may not be able to install Tiktok. You need to upgrade your phone’s operating system or buy a new phone. Of course, to create beautiful and creative videos, you should also own a good phone and have a high quality camera.


Tiktok is still supported by many people. In the future, tiktok will likely surpass many other major applications in the market. So download and install Tikto today to use it as soon as possible!


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