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In the era of technology development, the intelligent applications that integrated into smartphone devices by the manufacturers are gradually improved. Play Store is one such application. Since its launch, the Play Store has never disappointed users. For smartphone devices, the app market is one of the most important factors. The outstanding advantages below are considered by many experts to be superior to the competition.

Play Store is friendly to developers

play store

From the outset, Apple has been extremely strict with developers in selecting apps that are allowed to be available on the App Store. Apple thinks that it should be done to ensure quality. The proof is the version of Snapchat on iOS. It has worked more stable than on Android. This makes some developers often create exclusive iOS applications or create applications for iOS first.

This can guarantee for user experience. Users will have the best quality applications. However, with app developers, the risk of being rejected to publish apps on Google Play is much lower than the App Store. And so, the app development community for Google Play is also more vibrant and crowded than the App Store.

With the Google Play Store, you will find a wide range of interesting and creative applications. You can download multiple Launcher to completely change the interface of Android. And this is something that you can not find in the Apple App Store. With the Google Play Store, developers will be more creative, any app is likely to be on the Android app market (as long as they meet Google’s content and privacy rules).

We can easily find the necessary application on the Play Store

A phone is not enough for us. As we have shared, Play Store is extremely important. In Play Store, you can find any application to meet your needs. For example, music application for listening to music, photography application for taking and editing photos.

Play Store will run your searches through all the text information available on the app description. For example, when you use the keyword “pokemon game”, Play Store will scan the app description to find all the content that closely matches your request. Therefore, you can easily use the Play Store in mobile devices to meet your entertainment and work needs.

Play Store interface is simple and easy to use

play store

As an app that users use often, the Play Store must have the simplest interface as much as possible. Of course, the developer of this app also understands and creates an eye-catching but still easy to use application.

In the Play Store interface, the search toolbar is the most important and is placed in the first section. When you access Play Store, you will be able to search the application that you want immediately.

Also in this interface, the applications in Play Store will be clearly divided. You can search by subject of each app, such as health-related apps, beauty-related apps, education-related apps, entertainment-related apps, apps regarding music…

In addition, information about the most downloaded applications, newly released applications are usually updated over time. Your personal information will be stored here for the application purchase and use process.

The information about each application such as description, name, year of issue, publisher, basic user guide, reviews of people who have used… will be integrated into the application’s interface. It is convenient for users when they want to download an application to their phone.

Play Store has a high security, does not collect customer information

Maybe you not know but the Play Store of all smart phone devices operates under absolute security. Accordingly, during using process, Play Store will ask users to provide personal information such as name, age, birthday, gender, address, phone number, information about bank accounts…

Therefore, our information will be at risk of being leaked. However, since the last few years, the Play Store has adopted a relatively good security regime. The publisher of this app has issued a notice. This notice is about security regime. They will not collect customer information and we can be assured about the security system. Those are all advantages that Play Store has brought to the user system in the world.

Pay easily with international payment cards

The Play Store not only has free apps, but also has a lot of other paid apps. Therefore, to download paid applications from the Play Store easily, the publisher has integrated the most modern and convenient payment method. It was available for you to use when download paid apps from the Play Store. You can pay easily with all types of international payment cards.

In addition, thanks to the development of science and technology, now you can pay on the Play Store by using electronic wallets, QR codes, internet banking, mobile banking…

If you are using a smart phone, Play Store is indispensable. Play Store is an extremely great invention that the publisher has brought to us. In addition to the basic applications that you can find on the Play Store such as Facebook, Instagram… you can also explore a lot of other creative applications yourself.

You can refer to some hot apps on the Play Store, such as Sky: Children of the Light, Spectre Camera, Traveloka, Meitu, Beauty Camera… With a growing number of apps in the last few years, the Play Store is becoming a amazing tool of each smartphone in the market. Currently, the number of applications available in the Play Store has reached 5 million. Play Store is a treasure, its value is indescribable. If you’re a technology geek, Play Store is definitely an app you can’t miss.

That is the most basic information that users can know when entering the interface of Play Store. In the next article, we will help you learn more about Play Store. So, please note and follow our next posts!


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