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JioTV is an online TV watching software, which allows users to watch Live TV channels and programs broadcast within 7 days on any Android devices at all times. This app contains all of your favorite contents. With JioTV, it would be easy to follow the latest live show or event even when you are not at home. 

JioTV features

JioTV is known as an Android mobile app which is developed by Reliance Jio Infocomm. The app is limited for Reliance Jio’s mobile network users; however, nowadays people can use it widely without any problem. To find out more details about this app, do not forget to visit JioTV website

JioTV is an Android mobile app by Reliance Jio Infocomm

JioTV is an Android mobile app by Reliance Jio Infocomm

With a range of channels to choose from on JioTV, you can find anything you like at all time. Users will have chance to enjoy and watch their favorite shows or programs with different channels like MTV, Cartoon Network, Toonami, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and so on. JioTV provides users with more than 400 channels which are displayed with high quality even on smartphone or tablet. 

Moreover, this software is very easy to use. Users can pause and play live TV in order not to miss even a second. Keeping up with previous programs is even easier. With 7 days to see previously played content, you will have time to watch everything you want, even if they are live broadcast at the same time. In addition, JioTV user interface includes 10 different languages, which help people in different nations can have chance to approach this useful and convenient app.

To summarize, JioTV software has some key features as below:

  1. Watching online TV shows on Android devices
  2. More than 400 TV channels with over 60 HD channels in 10 different categories
  3. Easily pause and play live TV channels
  4. Quickly search of content via TV Guide
  5. Use category-based filters, search by channel/ program
  6. Personalize TV watching experience

JioTV has launched four new exclusive HD channels

Recently, JioTV has launched four new exclusive HD channels with movies in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Telecom operators are focusing on content services to attract potential subscribers. Reliance Jio has provided a list of content services to their subscribers and is looking for more ways to keep subscribers attached to their services. 

According to the list in JioTV app, app users can now watch four new channels including Jio Tamil Hits HD, Jio Telugu Hits HD, Jio Bollywood Premium HD and Jio Bollywood Classic HD. As a result, JioTV has currently offered a total of 16 exclusive channels for users. The new four channels are attractive as they are added the picture-in-picture features on Android version. With this feature, users can continue watching JioTV while other contents are being browsed on their Android devices. 

JioTv has been developed to meet the needs of users

JioTv has been developed to meet the needs of users

Install JioTV on Laptop and PC

With people who use smartphone, you can directly download JioTV apk to your device to use the app’s services. 

Today, JioTV has been developed to be used in not only mobile phones but also Laptop or computer. However, you can not carry out JioTV download like on smartphone. In fact, executable file of JioTV is not directly provided for laptop or PC. Therefore, users have to install this app on their computers to watch TV channels and programs.

Actually, there are some ways for you to install JioTV on your computer.

Using Droid4X Emulator 

First of all, you need to install an Emulator into the computer to install the app. You should follow some steps below:

  • Download Droid4X Emulator on your laptop or PC
  • Double click on the executable file of Droid4X after it is successfully downloaded
  • Install Droid4X Emulator into your computer
  • Open the Droid4X app (remember do not open Droid4X Multi-manager). You can see an interface like this


Droid4X Emulator

Log in to Google Play, install JioTV into the emulator. After that, you will be able to use JioTV and enjoy its services.

Using Bluestacks Emulator

Bluestacks is known as an Android App Player. It has some features that are similar to Droid4X, is an alternative of Droid4X; however, there are some differences between them:

  • Bluestacks is a heavier emulator than Droid4X. You need to have 4GB of RAM to use Bluestacks while Droid4X can be run on a computer containing just 2GB of RAM. 
  • If you are interested in gaming, Bluestacks is a great choice
  • To install Bluestacks Emulator and use JioTV on your PC, follow some steps below:
  • Download Bluestacks
  • Install Bluestacks
  • Open Bluestacks Program
  • Open Google Play, then install JioTV
  • Open JioTV, use your Jio password and Jio number to login. Instead, you can also use your mobile number to sign up for JioTV For PC

Access JioTV website

Apart from the two methods mentioned about, users can visit the official JioTV website to use its services. 


Reliance Jio has brought JioTV on web

Update JioTV with a Dark Mode

After Reliance Jio added a Dark mode to Jio Cinema app, a native Dark Mode has been provided in the updated JioTV for Android. The company also provided a new interface to JioTV app early this year. With the new interface, users can use and discover the app’s channels and programs easily. 

The Dark mode in the version 5.8.0 of JioTV app can be used in a simple way. Users just need to tap the hamburger button in the screen’s top-left corner, then choose the Settings option from the list. After the mode is enabled, the default background will be transformed from white to gray while the font will be changed from black to white. This will help us avoid harmful effects for our eyes.  

The updated JioTV app has some changes; it also includes performance improvements and various bug fixes. The update’s size is 23 MB and compatible with at least Android 4.4 devices. To download the updated version, you can use directly Google Play with some simple steps. 

Apart from JioTV, you can also try some other apps which can support users to watch live TV channels such as TVT Go or VTC Now. However, JioTV is still favored and popular by its convenience and usefulness. Let’s try this app to bring all the world with you wherever you are.


App name: JioTV
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Version: 5.8.0
File Size: 23M
Updated: 25/01/2020
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