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It can be easily seen that Minecraft has become the most popular game for many players. This is one of the games that quickly dominates the players and the game market in the world. With simple rules, beautiful graphics and very special meaning, Minecraft is expected to fastly become one of the classic games in the world. That has become a reality and this game never makes players feel disappointed.

What is minecraft?

Basically, Minecraft is a simple game, built by interesting box shapes. This game is built very nicely. For other games, there will always be a clear end. However, with minecraft, there is almost no end. The game can continue from this level to that level. Many players think that this form of game will make players feel bored. However, The truth has been proven, Minecraft does not disappoint us when taking players from surprise to surprise.

Minecraft is a great and unique game

Minecraft is a great and unique game

Since its inception, Minecraft has attracted players by many things. When participating in Minecraft, players can build their own rules, creating their way of playing. Players can play in multiple levels with different styles. Minecraft really stimulated maximumly the player's creativity. This is something that not all games can do.

Initially, minecraft was invented and aimed at young people who ranged from 13 to 18 primarily. However, after the launch time, Minecraft not only appeals to this group but also attracts groups of people with much higher ages, ranging from 18-30 years old, even more than 30 years old. So Minecraft is really a rewarding game? Is it suitable for children and how to play? Please join us to find out more carefully!

Is Minecraft suitable for children?

As we have shared, Minecraft is released and targeted at 13-18 years old. However, in the process of existence in the market, Minecraft received a lot of attention from other objects. Therefore, the issuer of this game has edited many elements to fit more objects.

Accordingly, the issuer has launched 2 game modes suitable for each object. It is survival mode and creative mode.

You can select the game mode depending on the age

You can select the game mode depending on the age

Survival mode

Survival mode is the most basic game mode. Originally, Minecraft only had this mode. However, then this mode is said to be unsuitable for children. So that creative mode has been created. In survival mode, players must seek resources and survival by hunting, cultivating and producing food as well as making armor and weapons to protect themselves from the attacks of many animals such as Zombies, monsters when night falls.

Creative mode

In contrast to the survival mode, creative mode is created with available resources. The player also does not face the attacks of monsters or zombies. Players will directly go into the creation of the game. The violence of the game is removed and it is quite suitable for children.

In addition to the above two modes, Minecraft also integrates multi-player mode at the same time. And, we have more opportunities to meet and make friends with other players. In fact, the latest Minecraft version has improved much more than the original version. If the original version does not seem suitable for children, in the latest version Minecraft is highly rated and is considered quite suitable for children.

Even though it has been appeared  since 2009, after 10 years Minecraft's influence cannot be underestimated. Basically, there are still thousands of people who want to play Minecraft. Therefore, we think the instructions for beginners below will be extremely helpful.

Learn to play carefully before joining Minecraft

Learn to play carefully before joining Minecraft

Instructions for playing Minecraft for beginners

To join Minecraft, here are some things that you must definitely know:

(1) Create a new world for yourself.

When you join Minecraft, you will see a window pop up. This is your place. It helps you create and choose the world. Please enter the new world name you like and select the game mode.

(2) Participate in a mode.

If you are an adult, choose survival mode to experience more. In contrast, parents let their children play in creative mode.

(3) Move buttons in Minecraft

• W: Go straight (press twice to run fast).

• S: Backward.

• A: Go left.

• D: Go right.

• E: Open the inventory.

• Shift: To hide/bow... (Keeping it and you does not fall from high places).

• Right mouse: Place blocks or use some items.

• Left mouse: To attack, destroy, collect...

If you want to change these keys, you can access Option -> Control and customize as you like.

After completing these things, you can join the game. The first thing you need to do when the game starts is to collect logs to make other tools. Go to some tree, point to it, click the left mouse button to break the tree, when it is finished, a small block will fall, pick it up and continue doing like this until you have about 10 blocks.

Playing minecraft is a very unique art

Playing minecraft is a very unique art

Next, press the E key to open your inventory:

• 4 vertical boxes used to hold your clothes.

• 4 cells with the size 2x2 are manufacturing zones.

• The 9 horizontal row cells at the end are the place for the items that you will use.

Place the blocks of wood that you picked up into the manufacturing area, each wooden block received 4 wooden planks. After placing them in the manufacturing area and receiving 4 wooden planks, pull them into the inventory.

• Place 2 wooden planks in the manufacturing area to create sticks.

• Place 4 wooden planks in the manufacturing area to create a table.

You can build tools according to the formula shown in the picture below:

• Wood cup: Used to dig stone, gravel, coal.

• Wood ax: Used to cut wood faster.

• Wood shovel: Used to excavate soil faster.

• Wooden sword: Used to kill monsters.

Next you need to exploit, collect some other items such as pebbles, wood or soil to build temporary houses when night falls, because when the night falls, the monsters will appear and attack you. Notice! Not to be died, if you die, you will lose your experience and items!

Don't forget to download this game and play it when you're free!

Don't forget to download this game and play it when you're free!

Find a way to ignite, because that's what helps the monsters stay away from you and help you shine in the dark. There are many ways to create fire, you can break and collect stones from the cliff, use them to make a smithy furnace or you can use it to burn coarse logs into coal, then combine coal with Wooden sticks to create torches.

You can also use the cubes that you have collected to make doors. The door will block the entrance gate and the monsters.

The types of resources and minerals in the game are very diverse. They are not only used to create objects but also to build projects. Depending on the type of mineral you can create items with different quality, but they will be damaged over time. With the same recipe to create an ice breaker, you can replace iron or diamond to increase the durability of the tool.

Great! The more you play, the more attractive you will be and feel extremely excited when creating your own fully-equipped buildings in your own style. Don't forget to visit Minecraft for entertainment after stressful working and studying hours!


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