Zynga gets its hands on the incubator launched by its CEO Mark Pincus

by bold-lichterman

Zynga, the game publisher is also starting to support start-ups. The publisher of the game FarmVille has just got his hands on Superlabs, the incubator that Mark Pincus created last November, says Re / code. Mr. Pincus co-founded Zynga in 2007 and had left the company in April 2014 under the pressure of Wall Street where Zynga has been listed since 2011, before taking over the reins of the game publisher in April 2015.

To create this structure, before being recalled by Zynga, Mark Pincus invested $ 2.2 million out of his own money, according to documents filed with the SEC, the US regulator. According to the document, the acquisition is only for a symbolic dollar, but the 9 employees of Superlabs will hold the equivalent of 1.1 million shares of Zynga. The social gaming specialist will be able to ensure the intellectual protection of the projects of the SuperLabs.

The Superlabs structure, created less than a year ago in San Francisco, still remains discreet about the projects it wants to incubate. It presents itself on LinkedIn as an incubator of the “software industry” and could therefore go beyond the world of games. Moreover, it only specifies on its site that it targets “products that matter in people’s lives.”

Zynga made $ 183.3 million in 2014, up from $ 168 million the year before. The group is not profitable with 46.5 million dollars of loss (or 0.05 dollars per share).

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