ZenyPass relies on a single password to manage all your accounts

by bold-lichterman

Social networks, e-commerce, e-mails… Internet users must manage a multitude of user accounts and, consequently, as many identifiers and passwords. It is precisely to help them that ZenyPass has developed a password management solution. Concretely, from a unique password, ZenyPass (published by the company ZenyWay) ensures that the user will be able to connect to all their accounts.

“The principle of ZenyPass is to have only one password to connect to all its accounts. (…) In terms of security, each account has an independent password which can be generated by ZenyPass (…) and it is perfectly encrypted in the application with standard encryption algorithms today, but at military level ”, details at Frenchweb Arnaud Vetillart, the co-founder.

Objective: 100,000 users in two years

The service operates from a fixed computer, tablet or smartphone via an application. But with such a concept, ZenyPass is positioning itself in a sector coveted by other companies, such as the French Dashlane, which also offers an identifier management solution.

To differentiate itself from other market players, ZenyPass wants to make its offer as simple as possible for users and thus reach the general public. In addition, the start-up markets its service with an offer based on a single payment for the user, rather than a monthly or annual subscription. With this formula, ZenyPass hopes to convince 100,000 users in the next two years.

Interview with Arnaud Vetillart, co-founder of ZenyPass:

Founders: Arnaud Vétillart and Stéphane Catala

Creation: 2015

The head office : Meudon (92)

Activity: password management software

Competitor: Dashlane

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