Yves Tyrode: “SNCF will have succeeded if digital technology is considered to be the heart of railway activity”

by bold-lichterman

Where is the “Digital SNCF” plan announced with great fanfare last year? Just a year ago, SNCF announced its 18-month action plan to start its digital transformation. With a budget of 400 million euros, all projects combined, the project presented had to give priority to customers and operators in the field.

Four major topics were then announced for 2015, including the installation of a 4G network of connections in trains and stations, or the creation of a community of developers working with SNCF standards. Yves Tyrode, appointed Chief Digital Officer of the group in October 2014, also launched an investment fund of 30 million euros.

How was this new digital plan received by the group’s employees? How did the collaboration with the start-ups go, in the light of a major internal upheaval? What were the difficulties encountered? Finally, what are the public group’s objectives for 2016?

For its “season 2”, the priority seems clear: IoT at the service of “predictive” maintenance which makes it possible to repair before there is a failure, and therefore to reduce costs …

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