YouTube partners with Eventbrite to accelerate ticket sales

by bold-lichterman

YouTube now covers more than 70% of the U.S. ticket market, the company says. The powerful American streaming platform has just signed a partnership with Eventbrite, almost a year after the one already concluded with Ticketmaster.

One-click purchase

People viewing videos from the artists’ official YouTube channels can find since yesterday the list of concerts given in the United States with the possibility in one click of being redirected to the dedicated page of Eventbrite to buy tickets. The service is restricted to concerts taking place in the United States, but the company plans to expand its solution globally. For the moment, we do not know more about the financial terms of this partnership.

In May, YouTube said it recorded 1.8 billion people connected each month on its platform. A windfall for ticket sellers, even if it means sharing the profits a little. Recently, the platform owned by Google has multiplied partnerships to monetize its videos like the one with Teespring for the sale of goods.