Youtube in the eyes of a 20-year-old Youtuber

by bold-lichterman

Hugo Travers is 20 years old and is Youtuber and with his channel

He has a total of just over 200,000 followers.
Hugo is not new to the media, he created Radio Londres when he was 15 years old, but has always decided to deal with serious subjects through his media.
He returns to the misunderstanding of brands on adolescents.

Being registered on Facebook does not mean using it

faire des blagues

Youtube in the eyes of a 20 year old Youtuber

A study was released today for the UK which explains that Snapchat has passed Facebook for young people. Facebook, which sees the number of departures from the platform growing in mature countries in favor of Instagram (lesser evil) and especially Snapchat, still favored by young people (at least the old are not there). You may remember that we addressed the issue of Generation Z in a previous episode of Vlan.
But even though many teenagers are on the platform that certainly doesn’t mean that they use it as Hugo reminds us.

Today’s teenagers, this famous generation Z, first use Youtube, Instagram or Snapchat before thinking of Facebook, which they mainly use for Messenger.
What seems obvious is that it is essential to invest in these “new” media with regard to politics or more serious information because unfortunately the traditional media have difficulty in understanding their modes of operation and do not respect the rules. codes in force and therefore are somewhat marginalized from these platforms.

Respect Youtube codes and do not play youth

codes des plateformes

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It’s funny how 40-year-olds are already mostly too old to really understand the use of platforms by the youngest.
There is nothing to do, we are still the old idiot of his teenagers (I count myself in it).
As Hugo explains, he mainly uses Instagram for example to pass 5 pieces of information, that is to say to pass on his news of the day with a native format.
He thus obtains nearly 1,000 comments per publication, which is pretty crazy when you only have 30,000 subscribers.
While observing the uses of traditional media, what he notices is that they still use the platform for its primary reason: to put photos.
“Failed” as we would say in class.

Not playing youth is also understanding that we can talk to young people with serious elements, without making a joke or without having a supposedly “young” tone, the solution that seems the most relevant is to trust and leave the levers to a young person herself who will respect the codes of her generation in her own way.
At least the assurance of not being beside the plate.
For example, Hugo shows on his channel his way of handling information which avoids the mistrust that exists today towards more traditional media.
Also he plays with the participatory elements of the social web by asking his followers what they want to see dealt with, what they think of the news etc…
Also, he launched his own chatbot that he designed with a friend of his without any investment.
Finally, in the way he speaks on his videos, he does a lot of rehearsals, he recalls the basics etc …

His account on Twitter: @gregfromparis