YouTube Capture, Budget Insight, MyQaa: the last 3 applications to discover

by bold-lichterman

Google launches its video sharing application YouTube CaptureBudget Insight manages and organizes all your bank accounts… Before, during, and after: manage your events with MyQaa… Focus on 3 new applications.

3 apps

Google launches its YouTube Capture video sharing app

Google is launching a new video application intended for owners of iOS devices: YouTube Capture. The latter aims to facilitate the shooting process by recording the video stream from their iOS device, then by sharing it directly on YouTube, but also on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

The application obviously allows you to choose the privacy settings for each of your videos and also offers editing features: color correction filters, image stabilization, cropping, adding an audio track, cutting from the start or the end of the video, etc. These features can also be used on
videos already in your mobile photo library.

The application Youtube Capture is available for free on iOS, and Google plans to release an Android version in the future.

Budget Insight manages and organizes all your bank accounts

Mobile app Budget Insight, launched in November 2012 by three young French entrepreneurs, allows you to manage all of your bank accounts on the same platform.

Equipped with an account and graph analysis software, it offers to visualize its expenses by category, identify its overruns, and set spending objectives for the months to follow.

Budget Insight, which currently includes around fifteen banks, is available on ios priced at € 2.69.

budget insight

Before, during, and after: manage your events with MyQaa

On the same niche as Meetineo and MyQaa (my question and answer), is a mobile event management application. It allows the organizers to prepare a gathering by optimizing their content and offering participants the opportunity to ask questions anonymously during the event.

After each event, the organizers can access reports as well as audience statistics, level of participation and satisfaction.

The French start-up MyQaa now has a team of 10 people and aims to reach one million euros in turnover in 2013. Fundraising is underway.

MyQaa is available for free on ios and Android.