Younicorns, Keyrus’s startup studio who wants to give birth to the next French unicorn

by bold-lichterman

Of the fifty or so European unicorns, France has only four: the advertising targeting giant Criteo, the e-merchant, the European cloud champion OVH and the carpooling platform BlaBlaCar. The nugget of Frédéric Mazzella is also the last French company that has managed to join the circle of unicorns. It was in September 2015, in other words an eternity.Apple-converted-space “>

This co-creation process revolves around four axes. First of all, the analysis of the need makes it possible to design the business model and to constitute the team adapted to meet this need, before considering the realization of the product, which then aims to understand the expectations to develop the product in using cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence or blockchain for example. From these first two steps, the product is brought to market by resorting to digital marketing and growth hacking processes, then the deployment and financing to ensure the stability of the product via private equity, crowdfunding or even the ICO.

Through co-creation projects, Younicorns intends to capitalize on its portfolio of skills (algorithms, technological frameworks, proven methodologies, etc.) to put them to good use in new projects. “The idea is to create an open innovation model», Says Brahim Abdesslam, co-founder of Younicorns. After having co-created a first start-up, or even two, by the end of the year, the structure has set itself the objective of setting up three to four start-ups per year … one of which may become the next French unicorn.