Yogosha raises 1.2 million euros to develop its offer

by bold-lichterman

The start-up Yogosha announces a funding round of 1.2 million euros, led by Starquest Capital, ZTP and Axeleo Capital. The objective of this fundraising is to allow the development and marketing of the platform.

Founded in December 2015 by Yassir Kazar and Fabrice Epelboin, Yogosha helps identify security vulnerabilities in companies’ IT systems.

FrenchWeb: What needs does your service meet?

fabrice epelboinFabrice Epelboin, co-founder of Yogosha: Since Petya and Wannacry, it’s no secret that computer security breaches are a danger that can cause great damage. Yogosha’s mission is to identify such flaws in the computer system of a company or an institution so that they can correct them using the so-called “Bug Bounty” approach.

What is your value proposition?

To identify the security vulnerabilities present in the computer systems that our customers ask us to audit, we rely on a community of security researchers handpicked according to very rigorous criteria, and we offer our customers to buy no not the time spent looking for these flaws, as was customary in traditional “pentesting” campaigns (penetration testing), but the flaws themselves, by indexing their price on their criticality, that’s what the we call the “Bug Bounty”.

Who are the users of your solutions?

The users of Bug Bounty are above all the companies and the institutions which used until now to the “pentesting” in order to identify and correct the security vulnerabilities present in the technologies which it develops. Many start-ups are now using Bug Bounty, which is more flexible and more suited to agile development cycles than pentesting, and with the imminent arrival of the European Regulation on Personal Data, more and more SMEs are using Bug Bounty to secure.

Yogosha equipe
The Yogosha team

What is your development plan?

Our tool intends to adapt the Bug Bounty to adapt its use to different situations, in particular in order to assess the preparation of companies for the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, while continuing to improve the user experience, both on the side companies using Yogosha to launch their Bug Bounty than that of researchers who work with Yogosha on a daily basis. We also intend to launch our international offer in the coming year.

What are your challenges?

One of the main challenges we face is the growth of our community composed of high-level talents selected according to very rigorous criteria, and who must pass a thorough examination before being able to integrate the community, in order to assess their skills and their teaching capacities. The scalability of a community thus constituted is a major challenge for us. Of course, like all start-ups, we also face considerable business challenges, but the cybersecurity market is growing very strongly, while high-level talent is scarce.

Who are your competitors?

In France, our main competitors are BountyFactory and BugBountyZone. What differentiates the three French players in the Bug Bounty market is essentially the way they assemble a community around their platform. BountyFactory is based on a large existing community, and is part of an ecosystem centered on a job board, a true cash cow of the YesWeHack Group. The Bug Bounty is for them a way to identify talents in order to promote them on the job market. BugBountyZone relies on the inter-contracts of SSII partners, the Bug Bounty is for them a way to optimize the return of a payroll, Yogosha has set up a closed community whose members are handpicked, with a view to ” optimize the transfer of skills between security researchers and clients.

Key data:

  • Founders: Yassir Kazar and Fabrice Epelboin
  • Creation date : december 2015
  • Fundraising : any
  • Seat : Paris