Yammer: internal social network

by bold-lichterman

Yammer, created in 2008 and bought back 1.2 billion dollars in June 2012 by Microsoft, presents itself as a real social network for businesses.

yammer headband

A sort of internal Facebook, the social network is enriched with functionalities making it evolve between an organization chart and a digital workspace. To access it, all you need is an Internet connection and is located on mobile and tablet.

Yammer features:

  • Employees have a profile presenting their identity and function, their skills, the subjects published on their walls. Employees can highlight profiles or conversations, chat by email or instantaneously, form a group … A real social network
  • Allows you to create, store and share Word, Powerpoint or PDF documents.
  • Can be completed by a large number of tools, from Microsoft Dynamics to PlanView via Twitter …

The +: Its search function which allows you to find employees according to their skills, documents posted online but also conversations by keywords.

Prices: In addition to the freemium formula, there is a paid version at 3 € per month and user which reinforces security, administration options and the possibilities of integrating tools. Yammer is also available with Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Office 365 for € 4 and € 8 per month and user respectively.