Yahoo! would like to relaunch its search engine with … Apple

by bold-lichterman

Yahoo! has always had a good relationship with Apple. But installing Google as the default search engine saves Apple every year …

After having published financial results beyond expectations [lire notre article : Yahoo! is back ? Marissa Mayer publie des résultats au delà des attentes, ndlr], in part thanks to the good results of Alibaba, Yahoo! would like to relaunch in online research as its market share continues to decline. And according to Re / code, Marissa Mayer would indeed have an idea to achieve this: to join forces with Apple to make Yahoo! the default search engine on iPhone, a tool that would be specially optimized for mobile. It would even be the number 1 objective according to a source close to the file cited by the site.

The site recalls that Apple has always had a good relationship with Yahoo! with whom the weather application – installed – was developed in collaboration. Despite everything, the battle has not yet been won for the Internet portal because the use of Google as the default engine on the iPhone would bring the Apple company more than $ 1 billion in revenue. Another big factor: the technology of Yahoo! would not yet be fully developed, although it is currently being improved. But Marissa Mayer does not intend to give up so far, especially on a file that she knows so well. Before joining Yahoo !, she was in charge of product development at Google.