Yahoo acquires PeerCDN website accelerator

by bold-lichterman

While he recently offered the platform Evntlive concert broadcast video, Yahoo! accelerates in terms of acquisitions in the home stretch before 2014. It is the turn of PeerCDN, a startup that has developed a technology to accelerate the loading speeds of websites and, thus, to reduce bandwidth costs, to pass under its fold.

Composed of a team of three engineers, the company is still in its beta version and declares on his site internet having “observed that they [Yahoo!] share our passion for great web experiences, as well as our love for web technologies like WebRTC, HTML5 and JavaScript. We are excited about the possibilities ”.

This acquisition is part of the American portal’s desire to become more and more a content provider, most of the time consuming a lot of speed. Last March, he tried to acquire Dailymotion with this in mind.