Xiaomi will market its phones in the United States, but not for a year

by bold-lichterman

After Brazil on June 30, Xiaomi is already eyeing a major new country: the United States. If until then the Chinese manufacturer of smartphones had remained discreet about his ambitions in North America, now he announces new intentions. Xiaomi Global Vice President Hugo Barra said in a video interview given to Bloomberg : “We are working on this implementation but we are not ready for the moment (…) Of course we will, one day, of course”.

He was quick to explain that this would not happen for at least a year. In fact, the Chinese still need time to form teams on site (for distribution, customer service) and above all to protect the firm’s numerous patents. A procedure which will certainly take months to succeed. This patent protection will be essential, to avoid a scenario similar to that observed between Samsung and Apple who clashed in court over patent infringement issues between 2011 and 2014.

Variation of Mi.com

Until today, the company founded by Lei Jun five years ago had only mentioned the launch of American and Western versions of the site. Mi.com to sell helmets, connected bracelets and other external batteries. Xiaomi is currently selling its phones in Brazil, India, Indonesia and of course China. The company has set itself the goal of selling 80 to 100 million in 2015, all models combined. A volume that seems ambitious when we know that over the first six months of the current year, 34.7 million units have been sold.

Xiaomi targets a turnover of 32 billion dollars in 2015.

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