Xiaomi wants to walk in the land of GoPro

by bold-lichterman

After smartphones, Xiaomi had already launched into the field of connected objects, by marketing a blood pressure monitor. This time, the Chinese firm has decided to enter a sizeable market by launching its own wide-angle sports camera.

Called “Yi”, this product challenges GoPro, the industry leader. This camera is marketed for 399 yuan (about 57 euros) on the online store of Xiaomi, a price well below the models offered by GoPro. Side specifications, the “Yi” has a 16 megapixel Full HD camera (1080 pixels), 60 frames per second and an angle with an aperture of f / 2.8. Xiaomi ensures that its model is water resistant.

The news is to be taken seriously if Xiaomi decides to apply the same recipes that have made it successful in smartphones. Founded in 2010 only, Xiaomi overtook Samsung in China in 2014, leading the manufacturer in the country by capturing 12.5% ​​of market share, against 12.1% for its South Korean rival. At the World level, the brand was the sixth in number of smartphones sold last year.

Photo credit: Xiaomi