Xiaomi has already sold 15 million MI2 smartphones in China

by bold-lichterman

The Chinese low-cost smartphone maker can be happy: it has already sold 15 million smartphones, the famous mid-range MI2 models, marketed at $ 280, for devices with a capacity of 16GB, and 8 megapixels. A price revised downwards (210 dollars) to celebrate the good results. Last September, the manufacturer communicated on more than 9 million devices sold, at the time of the launch of another model in the range, the MI3

Xiaomi, which recruited the former VP-Android of Google Hugo Barra, has also recently set foot in Singapore and has just launched Redmi Android. But must face new competitors, such as Meizu, which has just announced the launch of the MX2 RE, a similar model, at a price of 210 dollars …