Xi Jinping wants to see Microsoft, Apple, Amazon before Obama … but not Google

by bold-lichterman

He was first to come and reassure the Obama administration about computer hacking and the slowdown in Chinese growth. But Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, preferred to choose the West Coast of the United States and the American tech giants to begin his state visit. He will begin with the city of Seattle, Washington, where he will meet with the CEOs of Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, IBM, Disney and General Motors who are headquartered there. Absent from these meetings, however, Google and Sundar Pichai, its CEO.

XI Jinping is accompanied by the leaders of Alibaba, Baidu, Lenovo, Tencent or the Bank of China. All these beautiful people will meet their tech counterparts at a conference, on the second day of the visit. By their side, will notably be present at the round tables the Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Tim Cook, Satya Nadella (Microsoft) or John Chambers (Cisco). A conference on the Microsoft campus in Redmond will be held in the presence of the Chinese president. Later, a dinner with Bill Gates on the waterfront is also planned.

New partnerships

Just a few days ago the american press relayed threats of economic sanctions against the Chinese to deal with the upsurge in cyber attacks against American companies. Across the Atlantic, experts thus come to question the real purpose of this 100% tech visit to the West Coast. Beyond economic partnerships, some wonder about the possibility of creating, between the Chinese and American tech giants, common solutions to fight against cyber-attacks.

Also on the program, before the official stage at the White House, scheduled for the weekend, visits to assembly and manufacturing plants for Boeing and Microsoft. Nearly 40 contracts could be signed during this four-day visit to the West Coast, according to the Hong Kong press.

Secondly, Xi Jinping will spend three days in New York to attend a United Nations summit and sign general policy agreements.

Credit: APEC, 2013.