Xfield, the Toulousain in the battle of paintball on mobile

by bold-lichterman

Make paintball an e-sport: this is the mission Xfield. This Toulouse start-up, based inIoT Valley, which develops mobile games around this activity, has bet, since its creation in 2012, on the “mobile first“. In other words, rather than launching into games for PC or console, it sought to unite a community of users directly on the smartphone with a first free application.

One year after embarking on the adventure, Xfield raised € 220,000 for the first time to finance the development of a second version free-to-play of its mobile game, which integrates a real-time multiplayer functionality. Today, the company claims over 6 million downloads with both versions.

Faced with requests from the community, Xfield is currently working on a PC version of his game. An adaptation for consoles is also being considered. “Xfield Paintball is able to create a benchmark playing situation with, in particular, exclusive contracts with the European league [et] the American, South African and Asian Paintball leagues, ”explained to Frenchweb Sébastien Munier, the co-founder. Now, Xfield has set itself the goal of reaching 1 million downloads in premium mode.

Interview with Sébastien Munier, founder and CEO of PCB / X-field:

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Founder: Sébastien Munier and Fabrice Tron

Launch: 2012

The head office : Toulouse

Activity: mobile paintball game edition

Funding: more than 1 million euros raised