Xavier Niel: Free Mobile, the Hadopi law, VAT at 19.6 and its investments

by bold-lichterman

In interview given to our colleagues at Les Echos, Xavier Niel looks back on the deployment of the Free Mobile network, the Hadopi law, the increase in VAT and on his investments in the world and various start-ups, here are the key elements:

Deployment of the Free Mobile network:

The schedule planned for covering 27% of the population in January 2012 has been maintained, 500 locations have already been confirmed and an agreement signed with TDF provides for a thousand more.

But it blocks for 3G, Xavier Niel returns to the refusal of the three operators to grant him a roaming agreement for 3G (strategic for “quadrupe play” offers). If things do not improve by the end of 2010, he announces his decision to go to litigation.

Without giving details, Free Mobile promises a real revolution with a “simple offer” and an aggressive price. Without wanting to position itself as a low-cost player, Free wants to upset the order established by the three operators and their hundreds of opaque offers on the market.

In terms of figures, Free Mobile’s objective is to achieve the same market share as triple play, namely 25% and thus double the turnover ofIliad by 2015. In terms of employment, the setting up of the Free Mobile network has made it possible to create around 2,000 jobs in nine months, between Free and its subcontractors.


Following the recent decree, Free will send warning emails from this Monday, but its point of view remains unchanged on Hadopi: “it’s a bad law which does not solve anything, which is very simply avoidable and which does not hold up. not take into account the evolution of the form that piracy takes ”. Xavier Niel also announces his desire to challenge the decree specially drafted for Free.

19.6% VAT

Free will pass the increase in VAT to 19.6% on its customers. Subscribers would thus have to pay a surplus of 1.50 to 3 euros per month.

Start-ups and other investments:

Finally, Xavier Niel has invested in the world to save this “common good”, to avoid leaving it in partisan hands and to maintain a free press in France. Regarding investments in Bakchich, Mediapart and the hundred or so start-ups, the objective is to bring out new media and to finance the development of new talents.

You can find the entire interview with Xavier Niel on The echoes