Xavier Niel asks Eric Besson to postpone the allocation of 4G licenses

by bold-lichterman

According to The echoes, the boss of Free sent a letter last week to the Minister of Industry in which he considers that there is no urgent need to allocate the spectrum as it is planned to do from May. Xavier Niel expresses his fears about a possible “preemption of spectrum by the richest operators”, in short that Free will not be able to develop a future 4G network comparable to that of the other 3 mobile operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom.

Xavier Niel asks Eric Besson to postpone the allocation ofMartin Bouygues had also recently described the procedure as “cynical and absurd”. According to him, it risked leading to a real roundup from Orange, the richest operator, in a context where the state favors the financial valuation of the 4G spectrum to the detriment of other criteria, in particular future competitive balancing. .

Xavier Niel asks Eric Besson again to “Guarantee access to spectrum for at least four operators” and of “ significantly lower the ceilings ” currently envisaged frequencies that an operator is authorized to hold (60%). He therefore calls for a postponement of the award and a new public consultation.