WonderPush promises to send notifications to the perfect target

by bold-lichterman

76% of Europeans who own a smartphone have activated push notifications, according to a Forrester study from 2013. It is in this large market that WonderPush, a Parisian start-up that publishes a notification targeting platform. Technically, an editor inserts JavaScript code into a website, or an SDK open source in an application to obtain statistics on user journeys.

Concretely, an e-merchant can thus target an Internet user who has, for example, added a product to his basket without however finalizing the purchase. “At this time, we can send a push notification to the user to remind him, and possibly offer the shipping costs.», Details Frédéric Mahé, the founder.

On the economic model side, the company markets its offer as a service with several formulas more or less enriched in functionality, and whose prices range from 49 euros to more than 1,200 euros per month. Yes WonderPush mainly has customers in e-commerce and in the media – particularly those specializing in sport – the company hopes to be a “reference” with all small publishers. Moreover, a free formula is available. More details with Frédéric Mahé, the founder of WonderPush.

Founder: Frédéric Mahé

Creation: 2014

The head office: Paris

Market: targeting web and mobile push notifications

Competitors: Engage, Urban Airship (USA)

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