Woman engineer: Yolande Chavane (Honestica) “Follow the evolution of epidemics in real time”

by bold-lichterman

After a woman at the head of an investment fund, Frenchweb this week highlights another not very widespread profile, that of the female digital engineer. Yolande Chavane is Product Executive at Honestica, an e-health start-up which has just launched its “Lifen” platform. Among his skills, after studying at the Ecole des Mines de Paris: “Python, Java, Catia”.

FrenchWeb: As a digital engineer, what is your daily task?

Yolande ChavaneYolande Chavane, Product Executive at Honestica, a secure platform for doctors: I am the product manager. Our first product, Lifen, is a secure communication platform for physicians. In my position as product manager, I really appreciate the diversity of the subjects I address. My daily life is divided between brainstorming sessions to define the functional specifications of the platform, discussions with doctors – our users, and coordination meetings with the team of developers.

Have you always wanted to become an engineer?

Yes. I really like my job as an engineer because it includes a great deal of creativity and at the same time a lot of rigor. It is a profession where we build tools at the service of society, with long-term projects.

What is your field of study?

I did two years of preparation then the Ecole des Mines de Paris. At the end of my second year at Mines, I went abroad for a year. This allowed me to discover two very different activity sectors: public transport and strategy consulting. During my last year at Mines, I took the Innovation and Entrepreneurship option, an option that left me a lot of time to work on my start-up project. That’s how I got into the health sector.

What is your relationship with digital tools? How do you judge our digital age?

It is the heart of my profession! And these are wonderful tools! This digital age has seen the emergence of many tools that simplify our lives. It boosted innovation. For example, in the health sector, epidemics that it takes several weeks to detect today, tomorrow we will be able to follow their evolution in real time. And I am not talking to you about the progress that digital tools will allow us to make in terms of pharmacovigilance and clinical research!

I would like to reassure all those who are afraid of letting themselves be overtaken by digital technology: remember that these are only tools, you just have to learn to use them, and this is not an end in itself.

What are your medium and long term career plans?

In the short and medium term, my concern is to properly design our platform so that it simplifies the daily life of healthcare professionals as much as possible and contributes to improving the healthcare system. I also want to see Honestica, the start-up in which I work, grow. I don’t really like the idea of ​​planning my career for the long term.

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