Woman at the head of a fund: Stéphanie Hospital wants to “get out of the classic patterns”

by bold-lichterman

Stéphanie Hospital is the founder of the OneRagTime fund which is due to make its first investments this year.

FrenchWeb: Why did you decide to take the head of a fund, as a woman, is that well received?

Stéphanie Hospital, founder of the OneRagtime investment fund: After exciting years of “intrapreneur” at Orange, I wanted to embark on the adventure of starting a business. Thinking about what I liked to do, my past experiences, the models that inspired me, what I could bring, I came to the conclusion that the entrepreneurial project that motivated me the most was precisely to launch an investment fund, with a model breaking with those I could observe in Europe, i.e. international from its inception, with a platform approach, very operational, bridging the gap between large groups and start-ups, Europe, Israel and the US …

This is how the project OneRagtime was born. But I wanted to create and not join an existing fund, which is very rare in this sector. And finally, it is not so much to be a woman who surprises the most than to have the audacity to launch a fund when you do not come from “the world of venture” in a rather conservative environment.

Have you encountered more difficulties than a man, if so which ones?

I think I encounter the same difficulties as any new entrant who wants to change the codes in a sector from which he does not necessarily come. Investor decision time is long, logical when you commit for 5 to 10 years … you have to last, be consistent in your commitment, give confidence. After that, it is true that the world of private equity, investment funds and tech are more male circles. Barely 4% of venture investment decisions in the world are made by women! And we count on the fingers of the hand the women who are the origin of funds. 99% of investors are men… moreover, I am appealing to women investors! But precisely, it’s fun to shake up the codes and inspire young women to dare to work in tech, to become an entrepreneur, venture capitalist.

What skills do you need to have to manage a fund?

The same as men with the added bonus of a more developed sensitivity, intuition and emotional intelligence. Knowing how to manage a hyper-analytical approach in analysis and at the same time listen to your intuition. Investing is above all investing in women and men, giving them your trust, supporting them in difficult times … This is where intuition and emotional intelligence are essential but also the ability to build relationships and a long-term network.

Who are your role models?

More than models, these are the beautiful encounters that I have had in my life and which inspire me. I have been lucky to have Jean Marie Messier by my side since the very beginning of this project and it is a unique opportunity to be able to build OneRagtime with his support and to benefit from his life experience. And on a daily basis, I am surrounded by talents, a great team, I meet entrepreneurs, “influencers”, women and men of incredible companies. I like the richness of these meetings.

What is your strategy for growing your fund?

Dare to differentiate, innovate and move away from classic patterns. Daring the “BtoC” positioning in the projects we support. OneRagtime is a “crowd equity” platform (more than a few weeks to wait…), a traditional fund (being raised) and a studio. We are already operational and we are focused on execution to demonstrate our vision and model. We support entrepreneurs at all stages of the life of their project, with access to financing but also real operational support, particularly in terms of technological development and operations, international acceleration and strategic partnerships. And we work closely with a large number of Major Groups in their digital transformation and investment strategy in growth companies. And this cocktail is unique and a great human adventure!

Photo credit: Olivier Ezratty