Wittyfit measures the quality of life at work “in real time”

by bold-lichterman

Are your employees comfortable in their sneakers? This is the question that Wittyfit, a start-up that has developed a platform for measuring the quality of life at work. Faced with what appears to be a rather vague notion, the company structures its analysis around three pillars: physical well-being (nutrition, sleep and physical activity), psychological and at work. Concretely, the employees of a company answer, for each multiple-choice questionnaire, a series of 7 to 20 questions established with a research center in occupational medicine.

Regarding data confidentiality, “the employer, on the physical well-being part, will only have access to a feeling indicator. On the rest of the data, it will have an agglomeration by department, by site, by business unit, by subsidiary, but never individual data», Assures Samuel Dewavrin, the founder of the company.

Rather than a one-off audit, the company claims to offer regular monitoring for “prevent situations of employee discomfort“. Marketing its offer as a service in the form of a monthly subscription for each employee, the company targets companies with a minimum of 100 employees.in order to remain anonymous“. The prices vary from 2 to 7 euros per month and per subscriber, depending on the number of accounts created. More details with Samuel Dewavrin, the founder of the company.

Founder: Samuel dewavrin

Creation: 2014

The head office : Asnieres-sur-Seine

Market : well being at work