With ibbü, iAdvize wants to transform internet users into sales advisers

by bold-lichterman

Obtaining advice from an Internet user passionate about a subject, rather than a salesperson: this is the challenge ofiAdvize. The Nantes start-up specializing in customer engagement is launching ” ibbü ”, An interactive chat that allows a visitor to an e-commerce site to seek the advice of an“ expert ”who answers his questions remotely, from his smartphone. The latter are remunerated by contact or by a sales commission for this activity, which then constitutes “additional income”.

But how do you make sure that these new call center agents really master their subject? “We find them in two different ways: the first is on social networks, by exhibiting them and allowing them to come and apply for campaigns, and we validate their expertise through questionnaires that are asked of them, extremely detailed questionnaires. (…). », Explains to Frenchweb Julien Hervouët, co-founder of iAdvize. Then, “once they have been selected, we once again validate their expertise through the first discussions they have, in particular thanks to the satisfaction rate and the conversion rates that we measure”.

Is such an offer intended to replace sellers? No, according to iAdvize, because these “expert” individuals come in addition, in particular by being available in the evening and on weekends when customer services are sometimes closed. With ibbü, iAdvize wishes to differentiate itself in its market, the Nantes region being challenged by start-ups like Howtank or Toky Woky on its “click-to-chat” activity. Beyond the tool, he now wants to offer a “sales force” on demand.

Interview with Julien Hervouët, co-founder of iAdvize:

Founders: Julien Hervouet and Jonathan Gueron

Creation: 2010

Market : customer engagement

Competitors: Intercom (United States), Howtank (France)…

Funding: 15 million euros (raised in 2012 and 2015)

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