With Dassault Systèmes, HTC wants to bring virtual reality into businesses

by bold-lichterman

Faced with the giants that are Facebook or Google, Dassault Systèmes won’t go it alone in virtual reality. The French group, known for its famous CATIA software, used by major manufacturers around the world to design their products, has established a partnership with HTC to position itself in this sector. But rather than targeting the general public, it is the professional world that the two companies want to address by getting closer.

Synergies with HTC Vive

Dassault Systèmes publishes “3DEXPERIENCE”, a collaborative virtual environment that includes several software programs based on 3D, such as the computer-aided design Catia or 3DExcite, dedicated to real-time 3D visualization, in particular for marketing purposes. It is precisely this platform that interests HTC, which sees possible synergies with its HTC Vive virtual reality system, known for its eponymous headset.

“Virtual reality is a really disruptive in businesses as well as in our lives, and Dassault Systèmes demonstrates how VR can help businesses transform their businesses, improve their products and services, or create entirely new offerings, ”said Cher Wang, CEO of HTC, in a statement .

The B2B market interests other players

For now, little information has been communicated on the devices that should actually see the light of day, but the two companies indicate that they will present several solutions at future events. This will be the case in particular during the World Cities Summit 2016, which will be held in Singapore from July 10 to 14, where the “3DExperienCity” offer should be presented.

This is “a 3DEXPERIENCE universe allowing governments and local authorities and their business partners to model, simulate, optimize and operate urban projects and services for the city in a 3D virtual environment”, indicates the Taiwanese firm in a statement.

Other groups are betting on the business market with such technologies. With its augmented reality technology (different from virtual reality) HoloLens, Microsoft signed an agreement with Volvo last year toexplore possible uses, especially for engineers.

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