With Buyster, telephone operators want to revolutionize online payment

by bold-lichterman

The platform Buyster, a fixed and mobile online payment solution, should be operational as of September 13. Announced several months ago, Buyster is the result of an association between the main French telephone operators and Atos, the leader in electronic payments in Europe.

With Buyster telephone operators want to revolutionize online paymentThe service allows you to associate your bank card with your mobile number. From this moment, it therefore becomes possible to pay from the fixed and mobile Internet without ever communicating your bank details. Each transaction is also doubly secured by a confidential code on the one hand, and the mobile phone on the other. Free for all cell phone holders, Buyster should thus facilitate purchasing in m-commerce.

With its approval from the Banque de France, Buyster therefore aims to become the the first alternative payment method to the bank card on the Internet. Today, according to a Médiamétrie study, bank cards are still used for eight out of ten online purchases. In this perspective, the solution should be available to 30,000 e-merchants from its launch, against only 22,000 for Paypal, the historical leader.

For merchants, beyond a new payment method, Buyster also offers potential for additional sales. Indeed, if more than one in two French people have already made a purchase online, only 12% have made these purchases from their mobile, even though most of them use it to find out before making a purchase. store purchase.