With Atos, Pasqal dreams of placing France at the forefront of quantum technologies

by bold-lichterman

Georges-Olivier Reymond is CEO of Pasqal which specializes in quantum computing. In early November, the start-up entered into a partnership with Atos to develop a quantum accelerator based on the start-up’s cold atom technology. We will come back with him on this partnership, its implications but also on the challenges of the sector. With Atos, Pasqal aims to place France at the forefront of quantum technologies by 2022. “We will have a technology that is ahead of the curve and that will allow us to scale up by manipulating a lot of quantum particles on an individual scale. It is this power that would revolutionize the field ”, claims Georges-Olivier Reymond.

Competition is raging between countries to position themselves at the top of quantum topics. ” In the United States and China, they have set up their national quantum program. In France, we are still waiting for our own. For the moment, we are staying ahead thanks to our technology, which can quickly diminish. We are waiting for the support of France and Europe ”, explains the CEO of Pasqal.

Pasqal was founded in March 2019 by researcher Antoine Browaeys and engineer from the Georges-Olivier Reymond Optical Institute, in Palaiseau.

Find the full interview with Georges-Olivier Reymond, CEO of Pasqal:

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