Will machines soon be able to dialogue with us in natural language?

by bold-lichterman

Among the greatest fantasies of artificial intelligence, the mastery of speech and language by machines is tenacious. Popular culture is full of humanoid robots capable of speaking and, why not, of dominating the human world. The reality is still far from these results, but the subject is moving forward very quickly and is today one of the most interesting in the field of artificial intelligence.

At the head of this revolution, Hugging Face offers open source tools to advance research. Clément Delangue, co-founder of the Franco-American startup, tells us more about the recent upheavals on the scientific side to fully appreciate the real benefits of applying these techniques in business. Unlike many players, Clément is not afraid to see the GAFA crack the secret of automatic language processing for their sole benefit, on the contrary, he militates for a community and open source approach.

An exciting field, NLP brings into play many recent advances in machine learning and deep learning techniques, but it also crystallizes their technical and philosophical limits. Clément Delangue and Hugging Face are aware of this and are already working on the next step, for algorithms that are smarter, more transparent and easier to explain.


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