Will Dropbox soon step into the land of Evernote and Google Docs?

by bold-lichterman

Dropbox is known for its document storage and sharing service in the cloud. But the California company may soon be expanding its services with Compose, a tool that appeared a few moments on the site Product Hunt, which lists the new features available.

The service is presented as a collaborative application for taking notes between several members who wish to meet on the same project. With this new offer, Dropbox could position itself against players like Google Docs or Evernote, which also allow several people to work on the same document by hosting files in the cloud.

Strengthen in B2B

Thus, Dropbox would not only offer file storage – its basic offering – but also tools for editing and creating files. One year ago, the San Francisco-based company had acquired Hackpad, a start-up that edited a collaborative work platform.

In December, Dropbox also launched “ Poject Hamorny ”, In order to facilitate the editing of documents from the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.). One way to attract companies and strengthen its B2B positioning.