Why user experience is important to Orange

by bold-lichterman

On April 20, Orange announced the launch of Djingo, its personal assistant “which allows you to interact with all the content and services of the Orange ecosystem», Explains the company. Compatible with most operating systems, this wizard takes the form of a small round speaker capable of answering questions. For its development, the group has joined forces with the German operator Deutsche Telekom. The assistant, which will directly compete with Alexa from Amazon or Google Home, will be marketed in early 2018.

To differentiate itself, Orange relies on user experience. According to Julien Ducerf, UX consulting director at Orange Business Services, “go beyond a simple product and offer a global experience“.

Find the interview of Julien Ducerf, UX consulting director at Orange Business Services, by Déborah Donnier, correspondent in Grenoble for FrenchWeb at BlendWebMix:

The correspondant:


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