Why Los Angeles is the city of the future in the US

by bold-lichterman

Fabrice Nadjari is a French entrepreneur living between Paris and Los Angeles. I already got it on this podcast for a whole different topic, but you’ll see it’s particularly relevant here as well.
I come back with him to this city that is too little known in France and especially whose current attraction for Americans is unknown.

When you live (or have lived in NYC), you know how much New Yorkers love their adopted city (in general) and laugh at those who have chosen to live elsewhere.
But for 2 or 3 years, for the first time, NYC looks at LA. and we see more and more people living in NYC from across the country.
So much so that it is difficult to ignore that this is a trend and therefore deserves attention.

Los Angeles is at the perfect crossroads

Why Los Angeles is the city of the future in

los angeles ville du futur podcast vlanAs Fabrice explains to us, over the past 5 years, Los Angeles has really changed.
Historically, this city has been primarily a single industry around entertainment and Hollywood.
Obviously, as he underlines, if we look a little in detail, it is not a question of a single industry but of several verticals (special effects, sound, video …) which have allowed LA to take the lead in the entertainment scene around the world.
So, just 10 years ago, nearly 80% of people living in LA were directly or indirectly employed by Hollywood.

However, in recent years, there has been a convergence of several phenomena:
First the arrival of several contemporary artists who came to seek space because NYC had become too expensive.
In addition, a technological scene has developed with the spearhead of Snap but also Netflix or Tesla to name only the best known of course.
Now there is a “Silicon Beach” in which a lot of investors and very serious start-ups are setting up shop.

In the same way, Youtubers and influencers more broadly arrive in LA. where they all meet.
It started with the people on Vine who all settled (you can’t make it up) in a building on Vine Street. First Jerome Jarre then all the others including Lele Pons has since become a major influencer with more than 24 million followers on Instagram for example.
Now, when you want to develop your influencer career in the West, it seems relevant to be in LA both for pure business reasons but also for the living environment that the city can offer.
Finally, what is interesting in LA is this encounter between technology, creativity, its capacity for story telling but also the quality of life and the capacity to disseminate old and modern information via influencers.
European leaders still make many visits to SF and NYC without necessarily knowing that the city in which they deserve to spend time in the US is now more Los Angeles.

Los Angeles: a city where life is good

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transformation de Los angeles podcast fabrice nadjari

Obviously, Los Angeles is perfectly situated when it comes to having an ideal quality of life.
First of all, you are by the sea but you are also very close to nature, the weather is nice all year round.
But as if that were not enough, it is a very dense city but spaced out which means that the accommodation is much cheaper than in NYC or SF. No more life in a shoebox.
In addition, as people live in a rather naked way, they also pay attention to their physique and their health and it is therefore, on a US scale, a city in which many trends around a healthier life and balanced start.
This is therefore very relevant for start-ups who have understood (and in the US this is of great importance) that the quality of life of employees is very much linked to the attractiveness of the company but also to productivity in fine.
In France, we are more suspicious (wrongly) and therefore we might have a tendency to think that by putting our employees at the edge of the beach, they would rather sunbathe / pétanque than anything else.
As Fabrice points out, LA allows you to disconnect completely and in 30 minutes to be on an appointment with the director of Netflix.
Which necessarily makes it a very special city.

LA also transforms the relationship with oneself and the relationship with others.
In NYC, it is very difficult to spend more than 30 minutes with someone when they are not giving you a break because between the 5 evenings that they have planned you no longer fit in their agenda.
In LA on the other hand, when you decide to travel to see someone, it is understood that you have traveled the road to do so and therefore you are spending time with the person.
The negative sides are obviously that people can decide not to come and see you because you are too far away, but also that despite the strong positions taken and a high ecological awareness, the city remains very polluted due to the particularly dense automobile traffic.

Be careful, however, everything is not rosy, first there is a very high concentration of homeless people, so there is a city within the city with more than 30,000 homeless living in the same place.
And then obviously, this fault which endangers the city and all of California permanently. It’s hard to ignore that it can move strongly in the coming decades or even years.
So obviously, this gives a very particular coloring to life on site since we live there with this risk and therefore day to day more than anywhere but nevertheless at the individual level, it is a risk that should not be ignored. .

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