Why is an app unused? SimilarWeb wants to give the answer to developers

by bold-lichterman

In its race in the audience analysis market, the Israeli company SimilarWeb has bought the American start-up Quettra. Based in Mountain View, it develops solutions for measuring audiences on mobile applications and personalizing “user experiences”.

The statistics provided allow developers to obtain statistics on the reasons that lead users to uninstall an application. “Developers face a persistent hurdle which is that, on average, 77% of consumers stop using a mobile app within the first three days of installation,” says SimilarWeb in a blog post. To achieve this, Quettra relies on a multitude of indicators (demographics, categories of interests, purchasing habits, etc.) in order to segment the audience.

Funded by Google Ventures

Quettra also wants to offer applications customization offers, according to the tastes of the user, in particular on the content that appears when opening an application for the first time. The objective: to arouse the interest of the user and prevent the latter from uninstalling the application shortly after downloading it. The Quettra Portrait solution also offers more personalized push notifications and marketing solutions for advertising campaigns. The offer works for applications on iOS or Android.

In the past, Quettra had been financially supported by Google Ventures, which is among its investors, as well as Horizons Ventures. To finance this acquisition, SimilarWeb can notably rely on the $ 25 million it raised in October. The company hopes to strengthen its offer in order to face Alexa, the Amazon subsidiary, also specializing in audience measurement and analysis.