Why Inria wants to encourage researchers to turn to entrepreneurship

by bold-lichterman

For researchers, doing business is rarely a self-evident priority. Used to digging into a subject for several years, to the point of becoming experts, their approach contrasts radically with that of entrepreneurs who must be flexible and multi-tasking to carry out their start-up project. In addition, the creation of a company implies taking into account the marketing dimension, an abstract concept in the vocabulary of researchers.

However, research and entrepreneurship are not irreconcilable worlds. The presence of R&D centers in many start-ups is also a step in this direction, and this is also the conviction of Inria. Proof of the ambitions of the research institute in this area, he launched a start-up studio last September to put young shoots in the digital DeepTech sector into orbit.

100 start-up projects per year supported by 2023

Unlike most existing studio start-ups in Europe, like eFounders, the structure created by Inria aims to be interregional with a decentralized model that draws on its eight campuses in France. This device thus comes in addition to the tools already operational, namely I-Source, seed fund, and IT-Translation, ultra-seed fund. It must be said that Inria is no novice in supporting start-ups since the research institute has supported more than 170 start-ups in the space of three decades.

For the news that opens, Inria intends to step up the pace with its start-up studio, by supporting around a hundred start-up projects per year in digital DeepTech by 2023. An ambitious goal that fits within the framework of the DeepTech plan presented a year ago by Bpifrance to promote the emergence of DeepTech start-ups from research laboratories. FrenchWeb went to meet Sophie Pellat and Hervé Lebret, directors of Inria Startup Studio, to understand the approach and objectives of a new structure in the French ecosystem …

Inria Startup Studio: key data

Directors: Sophie Pellat and Hervé Lebret
Creation: 2019
The head office : Paris
Sector: DeepTech
Activity: start-up studio