Why are French Tech employees happier at work than others?

by bold-lichterman

In French Tech companies, employees are actually happier at work than in the rest of the working population, according to the results of the latest barometer Paris Workplace, produced by Ifop for the SFL. We learn that on a scale of 1 to 10, Tech employees assess their well-being at 7.9, while people who do not work in French Tech only assess it at 6.5. out of 10. Beyond this feeling of well-being at work, French Tech employees are also less stressed at work than the working population as a whole (25% against 38%).

To carry out its barometer, Société Foncière Lyonnaise questioned 900 employees working in emblematic French Tech companies such as Meetic, Criteo, or Devialet, and nearly 1,800 employees representing the working population in Paris. How do these tech companies manage to satisfy their employees?

Ideally located and well-appointed offices

First element of response provided by the study, the offices, ideally located and arranged to promote teamwork. More than 8 out of 10 French Tech employees are in fact satisfied with their workplace, and for half of the respondents, it was even decisive in the choice of whether or not to join the company. This proportion drops to 30% for the working population as a whole.

Tech employees work 37 minutes from home on average, which is 11 minutes less than employees in all sectors. And this proximity to their workplace also benefits their employer, since employees living less than 40 minutes from their home spend on average 15 minutes more per day at work. Over a year, that’s the equivalent of an extra week of work.

Finally, within French Tech companies, open space work is required, with 88% of employees working in this type of space, and 12% working in closed offices. Conversely, if we consider the working population as a whole, 49% work in an open space, and more than half (51%) in an individual office. Pointed out for its disadvantages by employees in all sectors, the open space is particularly appreciated in French Tech, maximum satisfaction is achieved when the employee does not have an assigned office.


Teamwork acclaimed

If Tech employees enjoy working in an open space so much, it is because 68% of them work very often in a team, against 39% for other employees. 44% of respondents working in French Tech believe that it is “important to go to the office to work effectively as a team”, while 34% enjoy social life with their colleagues. More than two-thirds of them regularly go for drinks with their colleagues after work, against 24% for other employees.

Another difference in the work habits revealed by the study, the fact of not working at a fixed desk. 57% of Tech employees say they work in 2 to 3 different places during the day, where 34% of employees in all sectors have this habit. As a direct consequence, a large majority (82%) of French Tech employees consider their office as a place to live where they like to spend time. This proportion drops to 43% for the rest of the employees.

  • He is aged under 35 in 74% of cases.

  • He works in his company for 2.5 years on average (against 9.7 for the overall working population).

  • This is a man in 63% of cases (55% in the rest of the working population).

  • He works in engineering and R&D in 36% of cases.

  • In 58% of cases, he dreams of running a business one day (against 31% for the working population as a whole).

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