Who are the most wanted developers?

by bold-lichterman

Which developer profiles are most in demand?

We carry out nearly 200 permanent contract recruitments in Ile-de-France per year, via a team of 10 consultants. We can therefore establish that:

The demands on .NET, JAVA, and PHP remain very strong but constant. In particular, there has been a real increase in requests for senior profiles (experience greater than 5 years) and a focus on Symfony 2 experts. For three years, we have seen an explosion in requests for Mobile profiles (iOS and Android). The requests for JS, Angular, Backbone experts have tripled over the past 12 months.

We also note a strong emergence of demands on shortage profiles such as RUBY, Datascientist, DevOps.

Why ?

Simply put, this shortage can be explained in a factual and contextual way, namely:

The exponential growth of the digital / digital sector for more than 10 years. Then there are not enough schools to train the number of students / resources needed. There is also a lack of anticipation of these needs on the part of politicians.

It must also be said that there is a lack of confidence from companies in the Young Graduates profiles. In addition, there is a brain drain due to the lack of attractiveness of many French companies to these targets.

In which sectors in particular is the need most important?

My observation is that there is no sector more affected than others. I would rather say that it depends on the orientations and strategies of the companies. Structurally, it is the companies that will have a development strategy strongly focused on digital that will naturally be the most affected.