Who are the highest paid developers?

by bold-lichterman

If there is one language they do not know, it is that relating to unemployment or the shortage of jobs. Developers are taking full advantage of growing demand from companies looking for their skills, says the fourth study published by Urban Linker, the recruitment firm specializing in technical professions.

For four years, the firm has observed the same trend on this survey carried out in Ile-de-France. “Like the previous year, the most expert profiles and mastering one of the most sought-after frameworks, Zend2 and Symfony2 in particular, saw their salaries increase due to the relative difficulty for companies to find these candidates”.

Employees skilled in .Net & Java see their salaries stagnate from one year to the next, just like the PHP language “due to the popularization of this technology”, specifies the firm created in 2008.

Mobile wages on the rise

Better to target both languages ​​when you are a developer, rather than being an integrator (without front end development), reveals the Urban Linker study. This last category sees his salary fall by 3%. Companies are less and less interested in it; seeking not only integration but also henceforth development.

Unsurprisingly, mobile development shows the strongest growth. It has the consequence of boosting the level of salaries (+ 7% for native experts). The cross-platform (tablets and smartphones) for pure-players is also a driving force. The Ruby language increases wages by 4% on average. UX and UI professions for mobiles are also highly sought after.

Urban Linker Mobile Developer Board 2015

Compared to its 2014 study, Urban Linker has also sharply revised upwards the salaries of Rolls Royce of the Web: the profiles of Data Scientists capable of analyzing data. In 2015, they reached 46,000 euros per year on average for junior profiles, and 65,000 euros for senior positions.

Highly requested by recruiters, the position of “growth hacker” is appearing in the 2015 ranking. The recruitment firm nevertheless recognizes that, undoubtedly playing a fad, “the outlines of the job are not yet well defined. “.

Methodology: Urban Linker specifies that the study is only indicative. It is carried out on the basis of the job market for developers in Ile-de-France, for permanent positions. It does not take into account the type of company (Startup – Pure Players – major accounts – software publishers – Agency). It is then weighted by the analysis of Urban Linker recruitment consultants. It is based on the analysis of the salaries of profiles recruited during the 2014/2015 period and not those of profiles already in post.

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