Which technologies are preferred by businesses and which are losing speed?

by bold-lichterman

What technologies will break through in companies in 2016? In its first annual barometer, la Fabrique du Net focused on 4 areas to achieve an overview. Which CMS is used the most by websites? What computer language is mainly used in the world? Which back-office solutions, and which JavaScript technologies?

This Slideshare presents the trends and analyzes of market players in general CMS and e-commerce, Back End technologies, and Javascript technologies… since 2010/2011.

More details with this slideshare produced by La Fabrique du Net:

Methodology: The study is based on three data sources:

  1. W3Techs – Statistics from the 10 million most visited websites (Alexa)
  2. BuiltWith – Statistics from 1er million most visited websites (Quantcast)
  3. Google Trends – Statistics on searches carried out on Google
Photo credit: Fotolia, royalty-free stock images, vectors and videos