When private data helps optimize the user experience

by bold-lichterman

More and more used by companies, user experience design (UX) consists of working on the quality of the experience lived during the use of a connected terminal before the work of design, creation or development.

These constraints have now become areas of expertise in their own right such as information architecture, user interaction design (UI), ergonomics, big data, etc. The objective is to improve the use of a product or service in terms of its usefulness, its handling, its attractiveness or its credibility.

Today’s presentation exposes the issues of the relationship between UX and privacy, a relationship that is close and sensitive.

Here are the 5 key points:

  • The misperception of exploitation of user privacy
  • Big data exploitation improves UX
  • Private data and product design, a win-win relationship?
  • Explanation of the equation: UX + privacy = relevant product
  • Example of the solutions and techniques used

A SlideShare presentation offered by Ann wuyts