When bots attack the customer relationship market

by bold-lichterman

The bots? “It’s not at all competition,” said Jean-David Benichou, CEO of ViaDialog, a company specializing in multichannel customer relationship management solutions founded in 2004 and which wishes to position itself on this trend. “It’s a complementarity. We process customer interactions from several types of channels: historically the telephone, but also e-mail, chat, social networks, video. And bots are a new channel that allows for more interactions with customers and to reduce waiting times ”.

Several companies are experimenting with “bots” as a new tool for discussing with their customers. Last March for example, Skyscanner announced the launch of a new service on Facebook Messenger to offer messaging users the opportunity to find flights by chatting directly with a “bot”, that is to say a technology that analyzes the conversation in order to try to find an offer corresponding to their expectations.

So concretely, what place can bots take? According to Jean-David Benichou, “bots are more likely today to replace applications since they are standardized dialogues. Today, it is easier to order a taxi or a bouquet of flowers by sending a message on Messenger than, finally, by launching an application whose operation and route you have to learn ”.

Interview with Jean-David Benichou, CEO of ViaDialog:

CEO: Jean-David Benichou

Head quarter : Via.io

The head office : Paris

Creation: 2004

Activity: customer relationship solution

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