What to remember from the Orange Hello Show

by bold-lichterman

Orange unveiled its plans this morning during the third “Show Hello” embodied by its Chairman, Stéphane Richard.

  • The Polaris project is a new interface and unified services on all screens and for the whole family. It allows you to find your content (VOD, games, music), your choices and preferences and to read in multi-screen the different contents.
  • Orange Datavenue is intended for developers. Available next November, it will collect, aggregate, secure and store data. This platform will make it possible to combine data from different sources (open data, corporate big data, connected objects, etc.)
  • Pops is a module operating on mobile networks, using M2M platforms ( machine to machine) of Orange. Stéphane Richard took as an example the business case from Quicksilver: Weather information reaches surfers in the water, even without their smartphone. Another possible use is connected collars for animals. In the field of sports, Pops equips the D-shirt (for digital shirt), developed by the startup Cityzen Sciences, which has developed an intelligent fabric whose fiber integrates micro-sensors measuring the physical and physiological data of its wearer. The low-speed network has become a strategic focus for the group, while the start-up Sigfox, not identified as a partner by Orange, is marketing its own network on a European scale… with some success.
  • Beacon, is a small box that allows mass distribution of content in an environment. For example, in a classroom, a teacher can transmit his lessons to all his students in the blink of an eye.
  • The Homepoint, is a multimedia hub through which content is transmitted and accessible in secure mode to all connected people: open a dedicated wi-fi network for guests, stream music from their smartphone to their hi-fi system, etc …
  • In the field of education, Orange wants to become a proactive player. The “Orange digital school” offers teachers and their students tablets that communicate with online educational services and the classroom video projector. A formula that renews both tools and educational resources. This innovation was developed in partnership with Milliweb, Maskott and Canopy, and the pedagogical documentation center of National Education.
  • An integrated search engine that will allow you to find content on the box: Netflix Movies, live, delayed etc …
  • In the banking sector, Orange is expanding its money transfer offer Orange Money thanks to a “cash-to-goods” feature offered in partnership with the start-up Afrimarket, incubated in the Orange Labs laboratory.
  • Family Place, an application in “social network” mode to share information, diaries or notes, and also listen to messages from the fixed answering machine.
  • Homelive, a solution to control your home remotely, at your fingertips. Thermostats, switches, noise, motion and smoke detectors etc.
  • Orange will offer Netflix next november
  • Launch of the 4G + «this month in Paris, and in various cities in France at the start of 2015»Indicated the CEO of Orange.

For Olivier Ezratty, expert for FrenchWeb and author of the blog Free opinions, it is the Polaris user interface that is the most interesting announcement:

“Globally, there are too many listings and services that have limited commercial success. Certain innovations take him away from the profession of operator. There are already offers on the market, especially on the social network. But for me, Polaris is the most innovative. We are also seeing the first results of some collaborations with startups: but it’s very vertical, they invest 25% to 30% in startups, with an approach focused on innovation sourcing, and a logic of integration into the Orange offer ”, explains Olivier Ezratty.