What to remember from Apple announcements: iPad Pro, Apple TV, Apple Watch, …

by bold-lichterman

For this big back-to-school mass, Tim Cook and his teams staged the new Apple products, following the same scenography to which Steve Jobs had accustomed us.

Apple follows Microsoft’s footsteps with its iPad Pro

The iPad Pro completes Apple’s B2B range, as large as the height of an iPad, with its 12.9-inch Retina screen, which can display 2 apps simultaneously, muscular processor (A9), 10 hours of battery life, it can be associated with a keyboard, and a pen. $ 800 for the 32GB version to $ 1079 for the 128GB version. Available in November 2015. Nothing revolutionary, but good timing to launch a product for which Microsoft has worked a lot in terms of evangelization with its pro tablet, Surface.

IPhone 6s, a bit of technical innovation, a lot of marketing, pricing to optimize business

The iPhones 6s and 6s Plus are equipped with a new sensitivity sensor which makes it possible to manage 3 pressure levels and to multiply the interactions, see which ones will be adopted on the usage side. Apple is playing on the key point of smartphones by significantly improving the camera functions: 5 MB / pixels for the front camera, and 12 MB / pixels on the back side, something to delight Selfie and video lovers because 4K is now the standard at Apple. Software side LivePhoto transforms your photos into small video, simple and nice. To make it all work, the new generation of iPhone is equipped with the A9 processor, optimized for graphics processing. Finally the gold rose makes its appearance. Available from September 25 in France, Apple is taking the opportunity to raise its prices …

An Apple TV that doesn’t revolutionize anything, but leaves room for video games

Apple TV, voice recognition through SIRI, practical for searching the catalogs of Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music, etc. it aims to be a games platform and should compete with basic consoles, exclusive content, Periscope is developing a specific app. On the price side, an increase that was gleefully leaked: nearly $ 200 for the 64GB model. The remote control is now bluetooth (4!), No more aiming, but more frequent battery recharging to be expected. Apple has sold over 25 million Apple TVs since its launch

The Apple Watch is dressed in Hermès

On the Apple Watch side, a Hermès bracelet… and Watch 0S 2.0 available in a week

IOS 9 soon, but silence about Adblock

IOS 9 will be available for download on September 16, nothing has been said about AdBlocker.

If Apple succeeds in increasing its prices with each product launch, the Cupertino company aligns itself with the market prices for its iCloud offer, it is already here, -).

Wall Street sanctions Apple’s stock down 1.9%, but it’s usual figures, Apple has 453 Apple Stores in 16 countries, more than 120,000 people were in an Apple Store in the last quarter of 2014. 773 million iPhones have been released since the iPhone was launched in 2007. The iPhone 6 is the best-selling smartphone in the world. 281.7 million iPads have been sold since the launch of the iPad. More than 900 applications allow their users to capture or manage their health data. ApplePay is now supported by 2,500 banks. 21% growth for Apple’s Mac business. 10,000 app for Apple Watch

Finally Steve Jobs turned around in his grave during the announcement of the Apple Pencil ($ 99) a product he has always hated “As soon as you have a pen, you are dead” he confided to his biographer Walter Isaacson …

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