What to expect from the 1st Open Source General Assembly?

by bold-lichterman

The Open source sector in Coptic France has a few champions, including Commerce Guys; the publisher of the Drupal Commerce solution or Linagora, a free software services company for 130 employees. It is besides, Alexandre Zapolsky, CEO of Linagora, but also President of the FNILL and Co-Chairman of the Open Source Committee of Syntec Digital, the trade union committee which organizes these first Open Source general states Monday January 21 at Bercy.


In the wake of Jean-Marc Ayrault’s declarations of positive intentions on the free sector, this day of confrontation of ideas in favor of the development of the French ecosystem will be followed by a public consultation, before the submission of a report. to government and possible decisions to follow.

Among the speakers of these first States General: SensioLabs, Le Syntec Numérique, The Free Software Foundation Europe, Mozilla, Etalab, all under the sponsorship of Fleur Pellerin.

Interview with Alexandre Zapolsky, organizer of the event on behalf of Syntec Numérique.