What results for women in Tech entrepreneurship in 2015?

by bold-lichterman

Last year Girls In Tech broke new ground by announcing the very first edition of his barometer. A new source, simple and clear, finally answering the questions we all ask ourselves: “Do women and men undertake differently?” “What weight do women tech entrepreneurs represent in the ecosystem?” “Who finances the founders of start-ups?”.

And when the Girls In Tech team gets involved, it takes action! So now is the time to take stock of 2015 …

A year of catching up for women entrepreneurs

If women who undertake in tech and raise funds to finance their project remain a very small minority (15% of fundraising and 10% of the amounts raised), they nevertheless weigh more and more in the ecosystem: these founders raised 90 million euros in 2015, 3.5 times more than last year! This clear catching-up is also reflected in the increase in the average amount raised by these women entrepreneurs, since it has more than doubled, reaching 2.3 million euros… against 3.6 million euros for men.

But why does such a lag in the size of the financing round persist? Would women then be more cautious or even less ambitious than men in raising less money? Certainly not. In my opinion, the explanation is elsewhere: the catching-up movement is underway but can only be done smoothly: let’s be realistic, a given company cannot raise a 3rd round of financing of 10 million euros without going through a seed round of 500,000 euros! There is indeed an overweighting of priming lifts for women: 50% of them against 32% for men! Stop bad interpretations! Needless to say that women entrepreneurs are unable to grow their business and reach higher levels of maturity: record tours of VestiaireCollective (33 million euros), Connecthings (9.5 million euros) and 1001Pharmacies (6.5 million euros) can attest to this.

Who are these women entrepreneurs?

Fanny Moizant, Sophie Hersan, Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Sabine Safi… they are at the head of these companies which raise record amounts, but who are they?

First of all, STOP preconceived ideas, these women are mostly very experienced since 40% of them have more than 10 years of professional experience in a company (like Isabelle Bordry, founder of Rentency after 5 years at Hachette then 9 years at Yahoo) while only 10% of them start after or during their studies (like the now highly publicized Marjolaine Grondin, co – founder of Jam). The study also tells us that five of these founders can boast the title of “serial entrepreneur»: Tatiana Jama and Lara Rouyres from Selectionnist, Isabelle Bordry from Retency, Dominique Brogi from Meetphone and Hélène Fromen from Thank you Motion. Well done to them!

However, the barometer confirms a few other prejudices: 82% of these tech entrepreneurs start in Île-de-France (compared to 63% for men); they are also under-represented in electronics (5% against 11% for men) or software (16% against 32% for men) in favor of the Internet and e-commerce (63% against 45% at men’s).

Finally, interesting data for you Ladies who are in the process of thinking about creation, more than half of these foundresses partner with men, while less than a third set out on their own.

Who are the funders?

Difficult to establish a typical profile of pro-female investor since the funders of these entrepreneurs are far too diverse. Let us nevertheless salute my colleagues from Alven Capital, who despite their 100% male investment team, financed 3 of the 38 female nuggets of 2015.

The balance sheet is done. So now it’s your turn to play girls: on your marks, get set, go, get started!

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audrey-soussanAudrey Soussan is VC at Ventech Capital.