What not to miss on the 1st day of MWC2016

by bold-lichterman

After the surprise appearance of Mark Zuckerberg alongside Korean Samsung on Sunday night at Mobile World Congress 2016 of Barcelona, ​​here are the highlights of the first day:

1. 5G will change everything

Nokia, Ericsson, Intel among others. They all came to announce it: the 5G network will change the mobile industry. Ericsson in particular has announced that it will carry out tests this year on 5G, with a marketing horizon set at 2020. Same observation at Intel which speaks of “a fundamental upheaval in the industry”

2. The Sony Ear and its new model the new Xperia X series

The “Sony Ear” is the new digital assistant capable of performing simple actions, such as dictating or reading messages, interacting with the GPS or accessing its content (news, weather forecast, agenda, etc.) A taste of intelligence artificial according to specialists.


3. Nokia’s comeback thanks to IoT?

Nokia took advantage of its presence in Barcelona to announce the creation of a fund endowed with 350 million dollars for the IoT, made several announcements on the show on the subject.

4. The game of the year: LG G5, VS the Samsung Galaxy S7, VS the Lenovo Vibe K5

The three flagship models of the year presented by the manufacturers launched their operation to seduce the public.


5. Virtual reality: usage becomes commonplace

Among these models, most now incorporate virtual reality technology, which takes a further step towards user adoption.

Photo: © GSMA