What makes successful teams successful?

by bold-lichterman

If successful entrepreneurs, like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg make people dream, it is companies that increase the capacities of their teams tenfold that really attract talent, for Sven Peters, “technology evangelist” at Atlassian (collaboration and software development tool).

In his presentation “The Secret Sauce of Successful Teams», He wonders what makes the difference between successful teams and others. According to the expert in collaborative work, the key to good team functioning lies in what he calls the “psychological security” that it brings to its members. The latter is based on four main pillars:

  • A motivating vision, which supposes having defined an objective to be reached in the medium term, but also priority work themes, an action plan to achieve these objectives, as well as regular and shared monitoring of pre-defined performance indicators.
  • A strong team structure, which is based on a clear definition of roles within the company, making project-team work possible. This team structure is reinforced by rituals and moments of exchange between employees (team breakfasts, conferences, etc.).
  • A benevolent work environment, in which employees can provide feedback, give their opinion, or even solicit each other. This requires in particular adapted tools: an intranet open to all teams, information meetings, etc. In response to all the rituals that are put in place internally, it becomes necessary to structure the integration process for new hires, so that they easily appropriate the culture of the company.
  • A state of mind shared by all team members, favored by devices such as a sponsorship system, or frequent team discussions.

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